Isn’t it similar to asking why people who are heterosexual would worry about gay life or gay marriage? Or, if you’re concerned about abortion, make sure YOU don’t have one. These folks create drama in our lives due to their need to have you live your life the way they think you should. The simple solution? MIND YOUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS! But we know that’s not happening.

Too many people, religious and otherwise, believe it’s their job to stick their nose in your business. Like they live such perfect lives. Any time you’re feeling you are better than others…think again. The same goes for the reverse. People are getting a `psychic hit’ (which don’t last) for believing they are living better than someone else, because of the way they live. Not all people, but enough to be a distraction to your life, if you let them.

The reasons behind nosiness and gossiping has so much to do with folks not feeling their lives are interesting enough or are so unhappy with their lives, they believe getting into other people’s business is more exciting than getting things straight in their own lives. That’s often too much work for these folks. They don’t want to look at their lives. Sometimes for hidden reasons (abuse, self doubt, fear, not feeling good about how they‘ve handled their lives, not realizing their passions, etc.) that make it seem better to look outside themselves.

Gossiping has an additional component to it, because it draws attention to the gossiper. Attention they feel they need to feel better about themselves, because they believe their lives are so boring. Nosey butts and judgmental gossips have self worth issues they need to address regarding themselves and the lives they lead. Too often, these folks feel they don’t have what it takes in life to be interesting. The ignorance about self and the lack of desire to exam within often keeps them in a place of looking outward at the faults and flaws of others. And that’s where the judgment comes in. These folks judge the lives of others when they have things to work out in their own. So the `psychic hit’ is a temporary high they receive in their judgment and nosiness.

The same folks who call themselves RIGHT TO LIFE are the same folks who tell you once you’re born, sink or swim on your own. The concern for the baby in the womb doesn’t translate to the human being who may need a helping hand as a teenager or adult. It doesn’t even translate when it comes to invading innocent nations, killing hundreds of thousands of innocents, out of fear they might want to do you harm. Even taking the same religious argument they use to protect a fetus, to justify killing innocent folks of another religion. TALK ABOUT CONFLICTING AND INVALID BELIEFS.

Some on the right are complaining about President Obama allowing women around the world to get sexual and family planning information in using the funds we provide to help prevent the spread of Aids. They claim Obama is killing innocent fetuses. President Obama can’t have a baby and hasn’t done one abortion, yet many on the Religious Right are calling him a baby killer because he wants women to have the right to choose. Why shouldn‘t it be between the women, their doctors and their God? Because these people feel they are better than the women who have abortions. Some how they believe this attitude makes them closer to God than other folks. THAT’S A SELF WORTH ISSUE!

Now some of you probably think I’m coming down hard on nosey folk and gossipers. Nope! I’m just telling the truth. The same truth I told my late Mother, who was a nosey person and gossiper. After she heard me out, she said, YOU SOMETHING SONNY, YOU’RE RIGHT! And she began to take steps to turn her life around at 77 years old – making life more interesting for her. Unfortunately, her quest lasted 3 years before she started to suffer serious dementia.

Nosey folk and gossipers, there’s a better life out there for you if you’re willing to look inside yourself to discover what will change it for the better. Everything, man made, starts out from an idea or thought or dream. All those things are within you. Isn’t it time you start to get acquainted with where all of yours comes from? Some one famous once said, THE KINGDOM OF GOD/HEAVEN IS WITHIN! When was the last time you looked?



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