‘He’s taking away our Constitutional Rights.’  Say what?  ‘He’s taking on too much at once.’  Yeah, look at the mess he was left with.  ‘Obama is ruining this country.’  That’s funny, ’cause as I remember it, the country was ruined before he became president.

What’s funny is, Bush was the one listening in on your phone calls, checking your bank accounts, watching your use of computers in libraries, as well as your selection of books.  He also made it possible to call an American citizen an enemy combatant taking away the right to Habeas Corpus.  Frisking and undressing you at airports, limiting goods you can take on a plane.  He made it possible for government agents to enter your home without a warrant, when you’re not home and not notify you they were there – without FISA oversight. 

HOW?  THE PATRIOT ACT!  What a misnomer, ’cause there was nothin’ patriotic about it.  It’s not like Americans were behind 9/11.  14 of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, yet the American people were the one’s scrutinized, while our illustrious leader was holding hands with the Saudi leader.  The right to privacy was not considered Constitutional.  So my question is, What rights has President Obama taken away?

At the town hall meetings on healthcare you often hear that said, but no one asks the critic, WHICH RIGHTS HAS HE TAKEN?  Without the answer, it’s an empty statement.

Being a multi-tasker paid off tremendously for Obama during the presidential campaign.  He’s the first president we’ve ever had that is technologically savvy allowing him to address many things at once.  Being well aware of those things that eat up our budget each year – healthcare, two wars, giant defense budget, energy, social security.  These are areas of reform due to their unbearable costs. 

Unfortunately, time moves on and we can’t sit still.  We have an infra-structure in serious need of repair, we need to recognize the pertinence of manufacturing our food, shelter, clothing, drugs, energy and military equipment, with a vision of the future that will produce good paying jobs here at home. 

It’s said, THE PUBLIC HAS A SHORT MEMORY!  And it seems that the people have forgotten President George Bush and the Republican Party sold you out of your good paying jobs so that business could take advantage of so-called FREE TRADE!  It wasn’t fair trade though. 

But on top of that, this same group took away the last thing Americans had that propped up Bush’s lousy economic policies – their homes.  THESE ARE THE FOLKS WHO RUINED OUR COUNTRY, not the community organizer who is trying, currently, to repair it. 

Be thankful our President is a multi-tasker because a president without that talent would be overwhelmed!  AMERICA’S BEEN DUMBED DOWN!  LET’S NOT DO THIS TO OUR PRESIDENT OUT OF FEAR AND IGNORANCE!




    • Randy, that statement was downright dumb. It’s one thing to make a statement, and a totally different thing not to back it up. How stupid were the White folks voting for John McCain when he admitted he had NO KNOWLEDGE OF ECONOMICS. This in the middle of the worse economic crisis since the great depression. THAT, was intelligent? Deliver me from bigots!

      • For one thing I take offence at stating how stupid are white folks. One this is a racist thing to say. And voting for someone because of there race is also racist. I am sick to death of people saying that we are racist because we didn’t vote for Obama. I didn’t vote for Obama because he had no experience on almost everything. Not only that but You mention McCain people voted for Mccain for what they saw in him. That they preferred him better than Obama. You can’t put word’s in people’s mouth’s on why or why not they voted for someone. I will not vote for Obama again. He has ruined our country. Yes I said it. He has done nothing but take more of our freedom’s away from us. And the fact that you stated deliver me from Bigots your whole statement was of bigotry.

      • Christine, just as with child abusers (sexual too), bigots, rapists, etc. RACISTS often can’t recognize their own racism. Why? Because disrespecting Blacks has been considered okay by the majority for so long, too many think it’s the way life is. Really? It’s part of their irresponsibility for their behavior. One treats people the way one wants to be treated. My friends are diverse, including White ones. You misread my statement about stupid White folks… I precede such a statement with ‘SOME’. 46% of White voters claimed in 2008 that race affected their vote. That’s considerable for these times when many like to characterize it as post racial. My ass! Yet racism right now is blatant as hell with the most obvious being VOTER SUPPRESSION disguised as VOTER ID.

        If Obama was as bad as you claim the TRUTH about what he’s done would be enough. What we keep hearing are pathological & prolific lies. THAT’S how you know it’s racist. It’s old school racism. There are issues to differ on but that’s not what we’re getting. I never tried to put words in anyone’s mouth… too busy watching my own.

        Christine, who’s more likely to be a racist in the U.S.? White folks who brought us Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, KKK, lynchings, castrations, burnings, stealing of property, Segregation, on-going discrimination & even voter suppression or the people who suffered from this behavior? All of this occurred LONG BEFORE PRES OBAMA! Blacks have been voting for Whites ever since we had the right to vote. Clinton got 92% of the Black vote. Gore, 94% & Kerry, 90%! The best White voters have done was 46% for Obama. Don’t tell me anything about racism, Christine because you know nothing about it! The double standard continues to exist all the way up to the presidency. You don’t like the things I’ve said because so much of it struck home.

        I read racists like I do newspapers! Behavior always gives the racist away… even those who want to maintain White Privilege!

  1. Obama IS taking away our rights. Go and actually read the NDAA, and the anti trespass law. Im not saying bush was better. It’s not even a matter of republican vs democrats. they’re both destroying this country. obama upheld the bush status quo, and radically expanded them. READ the national resource preparedness act. This country is slowly becoming one of absolute executive power and the general public doesn’t realize it because the media distracts and distorts all of this. The anti trespass bill (which makes it illegal to protest in the presence of secret service) was signed into law the day after St patricks day and there was nothing on the news about it. Go read these LAWS and then read the bill of rights and I think the world you live in will be a little clearer.

    • Shaun you never answered the question, WHICH ONE OF YOUR FREEDOMS HAVE BEEN TAKEN AWAY? How has your life been impacted, personally? If you accepted Bush taking away your freedom, how has it gotten worse since Obama became president? If you were silent when Bush took your freedoms, why BITCH now? So I ask, WHAT FREEDOMS HAS OBAMA TAKEN FROM YOU?

  2. Well if you read the anti trespass bill you’ll find that your right to protest the president is gone. You can go to jail for that. And your right to a fair trial is now gone under the ndaa. Go read it. These are new laws which didn’t exist under bush. Obama has also expanded the number of illegal wars we are now involved in. As for bush I was against him the same way I’m against The current president. It’s not an issue of republican vs democrat.

    • Shaun, according to our Constitution a president does not create laws. That job is for Congress & the Senate. Considering GOP has said, NO to everything Obama suggests, I’m sure they wouldn’t have passed the bill. Still, the only way these bills could have been passed is by the GOP Congress with the assistance of the Senate. Furthermore, folks have been protesting against Obama since he became President and NO ONE has gone to jail for it… not even guys with guns.

      As far as my right to a fair trial, Blacks have had a difficult time getting a fair trial in the U.S. since the end of Slavery, but that has nothing to do with Obama. Black men go to jail for doing the same things White men do, but go home! And this is something we’ve been fighting to change since the 60’s . But again, this has nothing to do with the current President!

      Obama has also been bringing two wars to an end. Wars Bush started!! What wars has he been expanding? I’ll say it again, when it comes to race it’s like catnip to White folks. You lose your mind. Your lack of freedom is in your mind, not in what Obama’s done.

      • Why are you making this a race issue? I haven’t made any argument concerning race so stop trying to argue that. Im not a racist. Im critical of every president. Obama does not create laws but he has the power to veto them. But he didn’t veto any of the the illegal laws I mentioned. Is that a fact that no one has gone to jail for protesting? If you show up at the white house with a gun to protest guess where you’re going. Obama signed the law that says protesting near government buildings or in the presence of secret service is illegal. That means you can’t even protest the Republican nominees! except for ron paul who declined secret service. Obama lied about closing Guantanamo, He lied about bringing our troops home and instead sent more to Afghanistan. He involved us in Libya without congressional approval. He sent troops to Uganda! we’re involved in more wars than ever now. He said “raising the debt ceiling was a sign of failed leadership”, and told us he would cut the deficit in half during his first year, but what did he do? he signed off on raising the debt ceiling. under the NDAA due process is no longer required so a trial doesn’t even need to occur. I was full of hope in 08 and celebrated his election. I thought he was going to change things.

  3. Shaun, you still haven’t made a case for Obama taking your freedoms. I bring up race because too many White folks are blinded by their racists views, and I believe you’re one of them. If that law passed, why have protesters shown up at Obama rallies without arrests. There have even been those who have been in the area with guns. Guantanamo was set up by Bush/GOP. When Obama went to close Gitmo, it was White Americans who screamed their fear about trying them in New York, even though 100’s have been tried here before. Don’t blame O for doing what the people wanted. You deny he’s bringing the troops home (a lie), I believe, blinded by racism. 2 Wars Bush/GOP started.

    We’ve had an economy in the toilet and you blame Obama for finding the situation worse than he thought when he got into office. But remember, HE DIDN’T CREATE THE ECONOMIC DISASTER! Once again blinded by racism about an economic disaster created by Bush/GOP policies. Considering the crisis, raising the debt ceiling was necessary. Bush/GOP raised it 11 times!

    How many U.S. troops died in the operations in Libya and Uganda? None!

    But what’s blatant is that you have no evidence of Obama taking your freedoms. THIS IS WHY I SAY YOUR RACISM IS SHOWING!

    • Obama is upholding and expanding the bush status quo he signed th nada and anti trespass bills into law. He has done nothing about the patriot act. Libya and Uganda are illegal wars undeclared by congress. He ran on peace and has shown only aggression just like bush. I’m not a republican or a democrat. I have shown no racism in my criticicisms. I am criticizing things he has done. Nothing I have mentioned has anything to do with his race so stop assuming I’m a racist because you know nothing about me. I’m just voicing my concerns about the current administration just as I did the previous.

  4. Shaun, this is becoming redundant! First, you say things that aren’t true and secondly you haven’t mentioned how he’s impeded your freedoms, personally! Your argument doesn’t fly with the facts. The facts are we are not in Libya or Uganda now. He’s brought most of the troops home from Iraq and the troops in Afghanistan are coming home. You’re bitchin about something that doesn’t exist.

    Let me explain something about racism. Racists don’t care what the truth is, i.e. the birther debate. They distort the truth to prove an argument. Lies are their mode of discussion. Irresponsibility for their behavior is their modus operandi.


    • NDAA NRPA Anti trespass all allow the suspension of our rights. It hasn’t directly affected me yet but the fact that the executive branch has so much power now is a bad thing. Even if Obama is a good guy. The next president could abuse this power to no end The potential for abuse is glaring and staring you straight in the face. An the wars Obama involved us in are illegal. That’s a fact. Nothing I haveentioned has anything to do with racism.

  5. Just as I thought! Obama’s hasn’t affected you, personally! That makes the statement I made earlier about, ‘just what freedoms have you lost’, very true! So now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about concentration of power in the presidency. Here, I agree with you. However, fear allowed Bush to concentrate that power in the presidency through the Patriot Act! Shaun, and there hasn’t been anyone who has power that has given it back. The time to have thought about this concentration of power was when Bush/GOP initiated it. This power has infringed on Americans’ Bill of Rights. But Obama didn’t do this, Bush/GOP did! Obama inherited this power.

    In the future, there will be a president that doesn’t feel as close to the citizens as Obama who will abuse this power. It needs to be challenged again in the Supreme Court that upheld it the 1st time. Or, Congress, who wrote the law, needs to revisit it and change it.

    • We have rights for a reason and OBAMA signed those bills into law further stripping the bill of rights. So we obviously haven’t cleared that up. I’m not saying Obama is the only wrong one but you cannot deny what he has signed into law and that these laws violate the constitution. Obama is just a puppet continuing what bush was doing. He had the power to stop this but he didn’t. And though this doesn’t immediately affect us, it has real potential to.

  6. There you go again, Shaun! Obama isn’t a puppet, he’s his own man attempting to get things done versus a racist GOP Congress who has done nothing but hinder economic growth. Although you have points of clarity, Shaun, you’re a sucker for the extreme and the indefensible. Have a good one!!

    • Everything I have said is backed by fact and can be read on government websites. Your arguments are either ad hominems or beside the point. I’m just observing what is happening, and I don’t like it. You have a good one too buddy

  7. By the way, I didn’t attack you for being White… I have a number of White friends in NYC. However, I did call you a bigot/racist, not for being White but for behaving the way bigots/racists behave. I have respect for my White brethren! 🙂

  8. Yo Cap you sound like an idiot shut up! I’d like to be more poetic but I dont have the patience this Shaun dude has. Not vetoing a law that takes away or limits our rights is essentially the same as taking them away himself. He could have let the Patriot act phase out but he didnt. I used to take pride in saying My President is Black! Now it’s apparent My President is Wack! Sounds like you co signin merely because he’s black, open your eyes race has nothing to do with it. It’s a class issue! Obama is jus another puppet full of empty promises. The FIRST thing any President should make happen is eliminate The Federal Reserve, liberate us from our Masters! Set us truly free! Btw I’m not white or black

    • SonOfThePatriots, you’re not Black or White but you’re an asshole! And you probably learned it from that creature that gave birth to you. Are you 15 yrs old or is 15 your IQ! When you want to engage in a discussion, Chief, Know what you’re talking about & do it with respect! IT’S BETTER TO BE THOUGHT A FOOL THAN TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND REMOVE ALL DOUBT! Save yourself a response, you’ve already shot your load! You’ve proven yourself to be a pantywaste in your comments!

  9. When you start out with insults believe you’ll get them in return. It’s called Sowing & Reaping. The energy you put out into the Universe comes back at you. Shaun I was a gentleman with you & debated the info. SonOfThePatriots received just what he gave out! Read his 1st sentence. If I started out calling anyone an idiot/insult I’d expect the same in return.

    • Your momma & daddy are idiots, too. Look at the son they produced. Call me what you like Shaun, just don’t call late for dinner! An ignorant person calling me a racist after the history of your people vs Blacks is nothing. A Black racist would never have White friends. Not only do I have White friends, I went to school with them, worked with them, dated a few and live with them. That’s the stupidity of your statement. You’d benefit from sticking to issues you know something about. It’s a rare White family in America that doesn’t have bigots bending branches from their family tree. The only issue U.S. racists have is RACE & their ignorance in NOT being able to recognize good folks from the bad ones despite their race, color, creed, gender, who they love, religion, etc. Shaun, do you honestly think you’ll get to that stage in your lifetime? I think it’s questionable!

  10. Shaun! Get a life! You’re pathetic! You said 4 messages ago for me not to respond because you wouldn’t read it. It’s my blog! Spend more time on your own. It needs some tending too! I have no time for your man crush! So let’s just say, BYE BYE!

  11. 1.The freedom to choose if i want or do not want to pay for Healthcare.

    2. You mean like Obama did when he extended the Patriot Act, in spite of what the left said about it when Bush passed it, then went suddenly silent when Obama extended it?

    3.He has taken away the freedom of every American to have equal protection under the law. (He has issued a proclamation that black Americans engaged in voter intimidation against whites will not be prosecuted).NEW BLACK PANTHERS

    4.Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Act of 2009.Essentially speaking this law (already passed) gives a Federally protected status to gays and minorities. This makes any speech against any gay or minority hate speech and any crime against them is then considered a hate crime. I have nothing against individuals being homosexual I do hate this law in that it also discriminates against the first amendment right of Free Speech and Religion

    5.The termination of ALL OFFSHORE DRILLING IN THE WAKE OF THE BP OIL SPILL Coincidentally, even though Obama ceased drilling in America he send 3 Billion in tax payer dollars to his buddy (Campaign fund donor and puppet master) George Soros who is heavily invested in a Drilling company in Brazil named “Petrobras”. W are now paying extra to a Brazilian company to do the same thing that could be done off America’s shores. Just another example of how this administration wants to cripple America’s economy and redistribute our wealth to other nations.

  12. Research the National Defense Authorization Act. This bill allows the president to detain American citizens without due process, which is much worse than the PATRIOT Act (which Obama extended, by the way). Now I do remember the horrible Bush Administration, but I’ll hit Obama on things that were all on him. There was no real reason for the NDAA to be passed, especially since it violates the Bill of Rights. Obama is now announcing his support for the United Nations Gun Ban, which violates the 2nd amendment. Though Bush has passed more and mainly disastrous executive orders than Obama, but Obama has passed more on average (remember Bush was in office longer than Obama has been so far).

    We also cannot forget about foreign policy. In case you did not already know, Congress needs to declare war on any country that the U.S. launches into. The last time they did this was on June 5th, 1942, (against Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania) so many presidents since then have violated the Constitution. The major wars Bush got into, were in Afghanistan (which should of happened, but at least been declared) and Iraq (completely unnecessary). Other countries Bush bombed were Pakistan and Somalia. However, after Obama was elected he “officially” ended the Iraq War, but he continued to bomb Iraq. He also continued the illegal war in Afghanistan and continued Bush’s bombing of Somalia and Pakistan. Obama also started bombing Yemen and he went into Libya under a UN resolution. Therefore Obama has bombed more countries than Bush has. Not to mention Obama is also spending taxpayers money to fund the Syrian rebels, while the U.S. is deep in debt.

    As far as the economy is concerned, it has become a lot worse under Obama’s administration. Bush added about 5 trillion dollars to national debt almost doubling it in his full 8 year 2 term, time in office. Obama has already added more than Bush after completing only 1 term.

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