Okay, not all White folks!  But close to the same 50% Bill Maher claims is stupid in our nation.  The Anti-Obama’s (Republicans, the Tea Party, bigots, 54% of White elderly, Rush/Beck & ‘nem) make up the folks who say the stupidest things in this country, that become slogans for them.  The truth is, it’s been policies of White folk that have put this nation at the brink of total collapse.  Even so, President Obama’s cabinet is made up mostly of White folks.  So much for hating White people (Glen Beck).  Here’s the list of silly statements some White folks continue to say as though they were true.

1) WE WERE ATTACKED ON 9/11 BECAUSE THE TERRORISTS ARE JEALOUS OF OUR FREEDOMS.  It sounds like an explanation you’d give a frightened child because you don’t think they’d understand the intricacies of the details of why we were attacked.

2) THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WORK.  I DON’T WANT GOVERNMENT IN MY LIFE, BUT DON’T TAKE AWAY MY SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, ETCLet’s not forget fellow Americans, WE, THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT.  And if you don’t want government in your life, then you should have no problem letting go of your Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, police, fire departments, public education, libraries, etc. since those are government programs.  If government doesn’t work, we don’t work! 

3) I HOPE PRESIDENT OBAMA FAILS!  WE NEED TO BREAK THIS PRESIDENT! A Republican President, with the help of his Republican House & Senate and the support of other Anti-Obamas, brought this country to the brink of collapse in September ’08 and they want the newly elected President to fail in turning their fiasco around.  It makes you wonder, ARE THESE REALLY AMERICANS?!

4) WHY DO WE NEED A BLACK CAUCUS IN CONGRESS WHEN THERE WOULD BE ALL HELL TO PAY FOR HAVING A WHITE CAUCUS. This is major silliness and ignorance when THE REPUBLICAN PARTY doesn’t have one Black representative or senator within their party (as of Dec 2009).  They are the White Caucus!  Remember, most Black organizations came into existence because White organizations would not include Black folk or address our concerns in a basically racist country.  During the last presidential campaign, even Jay Leno stated, SARAH PALIN MUST HAVE FELT AT HOME AT THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION.  THERE WAS NOTHING BUT WHITE, AS FAR AS THE EYE COULD SEE!

5) SARAH PALIN AND JOE THE PLUMBER ARE VIABLE CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE!  ‘Nuff said!  Miss Run-on Sentence and the prevaricator.

6) WE FIGHT THEM OVER THERE, IN IRAQ, SO WE DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT THEM HERE AT HOME!  Yeah, while they ignored Afghanistan.  Invading Iraq was a gigantic error made by The Decider that will cost Americans in lives and treasure for decades to come.  How does a president get a memo a month before 9/11 from his CIA stating Osama Bin Laden has intentions of flying planes into our buildings, and not shore up security at our airports?  If our Immigration Department had been doing their job properly, we could have thwarted 9/11.  Taking proper precautions at home and having a world class espionage and infiltration program using special forces and drones would have been a much better response to 9/11 in Afghanistan.

7) WHITE MEN FOUGHT IN THE CIVIL WAR TO FREE THE SLAVES!  This war was fought to restore the Union, not to free the slaves.  Freeing the slaves was used as a military tactic to weaken southern troops who were doing a good job of kicking the North’s ass.  4 northern states kept their status as slave states during this time.

8) HOW COULD OBAMA HAVE STAYED IN SUCH A HATEFUL CHURCH FOR 20 YEARS?  The most segregated day of the week, in the United States, is Sunday.  The KKK was founded in the White church.  Justification for Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, Segregation and on-going discrimination has come out of the White church.  Who are these people to talk about someone coming up in a hateful church?  Black anger is a natural response to historically unfair treatment due to race.  White folks with a legacy of racial hatred in their homes, no less their church – with a family tree full of bigots, need to take a look in the mirror.  Yet, they don’t believe their racists. 

9) BLACK PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS USING THE ‘RACE CARD’ AND I’M TIRED OF IT.  Racism is not a game to Black folk, but apparently some of my White brethren think it is.  Really, this is their way of attempting to belittle claims of racism – which tends to be racist in nature.  Government records document the on-going racism in this country, which is institutional.  What confuses many White folks is the success of many Black folk in this country despite the obstacles uniquely placed in our way to impede our success.  That’s why they think the election of President Obama is a sign of a lack of racism.  When racism has really shown its head more than ever.

10) IF WE REDUCE THE TAXES ON THE RICH AND BIG BUSINESS, THIS WILL CREATE MORE JOBS.  8 years of this thinking put enough dollars in the hands of big businesses that they took good paying manufacturing jobs from Americans and sent them overseas – China.  Plus, 10 years of tax cuts to the rich is producing a deficit of $4 trillion.  Where are the good jobs from that strategy?  What creates jobs is demand not tax cuts.  When will they learn that supply side economics is just what Bush 41 said it was when running against Ronald Reagan for President – voodoo economics (trickle down)?   It doesn’t work!

11) OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST THAT’S TAKEN OVER THE BANKS, THE AUTO INDUSTRY, AND NOW HEALTHCARE!  The nations 9 largest banks were allowed to, through de-regulation, bring this country to the brink of collapse through selling guaranteed derivative swaps (financial packages), the rip-off of sub prime loans, bankster credit card rates & bankruptcy laws.  The auto industry has mis-managed itself since Reagan allowed them to ignore C.A.F.E regulations to improve their industry.  This industry tanked at the same time the banks did.  So, after the Bush Administration sat on it’s hands the last five months of his term, Obama came in to rescue the banks and the auto industry, rather than allow them to collapse.  The cost of healthcare is increasing through the roof.  Over 8 years we’ve seen it double.  It’s common sense to know this isn’t healthy for our economy (16% of our budget, quickly closing in on 20%).  We can’t afford it.  Not to mention the number of inequities in the system that leave 45 million people on the fringes regarding healthcare.  Obama didn’t create the conditions that made this necessary – Bush and the Republican party did!  This boils down to, WE’RE IN DEEP SHIT!  LET’S BLAME THE BLACK GUY!

12) OBAMA’S WEAK IN WORLD AFFAIRS.  HE’S ALWAYS APOLOGIZING FOR OUR PAST ACTIONS.  WE CAN’T LET THE ENEMY KNOW WHEN WE’RE LEAVING AFGHANISTAN.  HE’S MAKING TROUBLE BY TRYING KHALID SHEIK MOHAMMED IN NEW YORK INSTEAD OF A MILITARY TRIBUNAL.  WATERBOARDING ISN’T TORTURE!  YOU MUST LISTEN TO YOUR GENERALS.  HE’S DITHERING!  It doesn’t become anymore evident that White and Black Americans don’t think alike, than in the area of world affairs.  The previous 8 years, The Decider made it clear that it didn’t matter what other nations thought, and treated them with disrespect and even scorn (calling allies that disagreed with him, weasels).  Obama has come into office showing the same respect for the world as he does for people at home.  Speaking the truth and abiding by the customs of the country he’s visiting as a sign of respect, not of appeasement.  Only some White folks think it’s okay to go to another country and not abide by their customs.  That it’s okay to invade another country and not let them know when you will leave – occupying them indefinitely.  That as long as you’re scared, it’s okay to torture.  If you do the job right in Iraq and Afghanistan, you’ve put in measures that make it irrelevant if they know when we’re leaving.  That’s called completing a mission.  That we can bring ‘bad men’ to justice in our country because we believe in our system.  In my business, I may listen to my managers, but policy decisions and approaches are set by me.  Why would it be any different for a president?  White privilege?

There will be a number of folks who will take this as The Capt. thinks Black folk are better than White folk, which isn’t where I’m coming from.  While America brags about its diversity, it’s disingenuous when you don’t allow all groups in the process AND the decision making of what’s happening in this country.  Calling President Obama a socialist has nothing to do with making this country work again.  We have Republicans in both houses that have only one thing on their mind – say NO to anything Obama sets as a strategy to get this nation working properly again.  Every department in government has been re-vamped to work for the people.  Many Americans have been blind to what happened to this country over the last 8 years.  Yet, expect Obama to be a magician in turning things around in less than a year.  Last year, at this time, we were on the verge of collapse, and things have turned around to the point where we now can focus on getting jobs created – and Obama hasn’t been in office a year.  The Anti-Obamas are making the terrorists very happy. 

It’s time to get real, folks!




    • Dear Writer Jobs, sorry for the long delay in response to your offer to join you! Had a lot going on simultaneously making life much more complicated. Now that life is in order, if the offer is still on the table, I’d like to join.

      Eagerly await your reply. Make the day special.

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